Wellness Fair Marketing Promotions

Pediatric Dentist
A lunch cooler from the dentist is a great item to fill with dental necessities such as tooth paste, tooth brushes, floss, mouth wash and anything else a dentist might distribute. A pen is also a great item for a dentist to give away so patients are always reminded to keep up with regular checkups.

Mind Wellness
A heart-shaped stress reliever and a guide to relieve stress from the psychologist’s office can help promote mental health awareness.

Treat your clients or guests to a pampering spa kit! End the day with a soft and fluffy towel or comfy bath robe.

Fitness Club
A walker’s guide and record keeper is the perfect way for walkers to learn proper walking techniques, keep track of progress and stay motivated! Maintain a steady balance and help your members physical strength increase while reminding them of your stellar customer service when you give them the Promo NRG Band with hologram technology.

Woman’s Wellness Center
A pregnancy journal allows pregnant women to document discoveries and emotions. You can also remind women of the importance of heart health with the American Heart Association’s “Red Dress” icon pen or an awareness ribbon pen is a great way to promote awareness for any cause.

Skin Care
What’s better for your skin than drinking plenty of water? Hand out water bottles with a custom imprinted label to promote hydration and skin health.

Pet Health
A light up leash is a great item for a dog owner to stay safe and visible when walking. A customized water bowl is perfect for any pet. Use it at home or as a spare for hikes or road trips so your pets can stay hydrated.

Medical Facilities
First aid kits are important to have at any time in case of minor injuries. Pill boxes are a great way to divide pills into their assigned day and an easy way to always have them when needed.

Weight-Loss Center
Key tags can be a great way to promote weight loss. Fruit or veggie shaped key tags with a message promoting healthy eating are useful, convenient items. Banners are also a great way to display healthy eating habits.